Economy move towards higher growth and lower inflation

India is a developing country and to sustain in growth rate the government has to focus on the business, and it involves tax policies and also the issues related to the lands.Morgan Stanley is an American multinational financial services corporation, with its affiliates and subsidiaries provide services and securities to customers like individuals, corporations, financial institutions and governments. A report from Morgan Stanley stated that, the root cause of fighting against the macro environment in the past years is a sharp decline in productivity dynamics. Morgan Stanley also said that government policies helped to reverse productivity degrading policy and helped to cope up the macro adjustment cycle. And to maintain the growth, it is important to concentrate on the labor tax, infrastructure policies, land, etc.

And because of the lack of majority in the upper house, and due to constant resistance from the opposition party, the chance to approve a new bill in the parliament is lesser. But the government has plans to publicize the ordinance to change the Land Acquisition Act of 2013. A committee of members of the parliament is analyzing the bill and they have got the 6th extension of the term within four months. To facilitate the techniques of doing the business important, but minute steps is taken, especially in terms of the investment approval tasks. And the government is expecting state level competition for new investments in the market and it is focusing on the marketing sector. And in the case of the tax reforms, the lower house passed the GST (Goods and services tax) amendment bill. But the selected committee looks after the GST in the upper house of the parliament.

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